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If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please contact us and let us know what else you would like to know.


1. What's the idea behind Own a Piece of Ireland?  

Millions of people around the world come from Irish descent and many of these people will never have the opportunity to visit the country of their ancestors, or to own property here. Own a Piece of Ireland enables people from anywhere in the world to own a little plot of land in the heart of the Irish countryside, for a very reasonable price. We offer a very high quality, professionally produced, fun, personalised product that makes an ideal unique and unusual gift.


2. Is it legal?  

Yes. We spent over a year making sure every legal detail was taken care of before we launched. Your order comes complete with an official certificate of ownership and a comprehensive legal deed of assurance which sets out the contractual details and legalities of your purchase. These documents were prepared by a highly respected law firm in Ireland (Beauchamps Solicitors, Dublin) so you can be sure they are comprehensive and fully legal. We are always more than happy to answer specific questions you may have before and after you receive your documentation. Remember, we offer a money back guarantee - if you're not happy just return your package and we'll refund you.


3. Do I really own the land?

Yes, absolutely. When you purchase a plot of land you are the legal owner of that property. It is important to note that we do not hold the land 'in trust' for you - you are the actual owners of the property. There are certain terms and conditions to your ownership, such as you are not permitted to build anything on your property, because this would spoil the untouched natural beauty of the area, but you are welcome to visit your property whenever you choose.


4. Do I get freehold or leasehold ownership of the land?

The land that Ever Irish Gifts is selling is not freehold, but is not simple leasehold either. There are two main reasons for this:

i. With a number of different people owning the different plots of land, and visiting their plots, if we sold freehold ownership then landowners could compromise the untouched natural beauty of the area by erecting flag poles, digging large holes, etc. Every land owner should be free to enjoy their land in its rural setting, so we must restrict what people do on their plot in order for this to be possible.  

ii. We provide a renewable 20 year leasehold ownership. This is renewable AT NO CHARGE after 20 years, and again indefinitely after that in periods of 20 years. Our aim is not to restrict the term of ownership to 20 years, but to work within the limitations of the leasehold ownership laws. We will email every land owner when their 20 year term is approaching and ask them to renew their leasehold by notifying us they wish to do so, free of charge. If we are unable to contact a land owner, we will not resell or ‘take back’ the plot – we will keep the records on file until eventually we hear from the land owner or person acting on their behalf. In short, the land will be assigned to you forever once you make a purchase, but we attempt to contact you every 20 years to ensure our records are updated.


5. How much land is included in each US$49.00 plot?  

Each plot is one square foot in size. When you purchase more than one plot we can arrange to have your plots beside each other if you wish. 


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6. What are the shipping times?  

Your order is processed and shipped usually within 1-2 business days. Shipping is from our Cleveland, Ohio headquarters and, within the U.S., usually takes 2-3 days. Tracking is included. International shipping is available on photo frames only, for an additional charge: Canada (+ $10), Europe and Australia (+ $20), however, no tracking is available. Sorry, gift wrapping is not available on international shipments.


7. Can I purchase more than one plot and have the plots located side by side?

Yes. When you are placing your order please specify that you would like to have the plots located side by side using the special orders comments box on the check out page. We will then ensure this is taken care of when processing your order.


8. How do I know you aren’t reselling the same land to different people?  

Our partner in Ireland, BuyIreland.com, is a fully legal, tax-compliant and audited business located in Ireland. They keep detailed records for every single land owner and plot. Their records can be inspected at any time upon reasonable request. They could never offer to do this if they sold the same plot of land to different people. Furthermore, reselling the same plot multiple times to different people would be illegal and immoral. If we did this and word ‘got out’ our reputation would be in ruins and our business discredited. In over ten years of operation, our reputation is better than ever, and the number of land owners is increasing all the time.


9. How long will I own the land?  

You can own the land forever if you wish. In order for us to work within the law here in Ireland it is necessary for us to initially give you 20 year leasehold ownership of the land, however you can renew this lease at no charge after 20 years, and indefinitely after this, again at no charge. We encourage all owners to renew their lease forever. Full details are contained in the legal documentation we send you with your order, and in the terms and conditions.


10. Are there any annual taxes or charges due?  

No, none, never. Once you buy your plot you will never have to pay us another cent, ever. The Irish government does not charge a property tax on this type of rural property. The initial purchase price is therefore the only money you will ever need to pay. We are happy for you to review the documentation or have your legal and/or tax advisor review it on your behalf. If you are not happy after this review, you can return the package to us for a full refund.


11. Where is the land located?  

The property is situated in County Roscommon - in the heart of the Irish countryside, in the middle of Ireland. The location is approximately 75 miles from Dublin City, 140 miles from Cork City, 50 miles from Galway City and 140 miles from Belfast City. The land is easily accessible by car, and we encourage people to visit their property if they have the chance. Comprehensive directions and maps are included with every order.


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12. Can I resell my land?  

Yes, we are happy for land owners to resell their land at any time and for any amount they are offered. We can reissue the legal documentation to the new land owner for a small fee to cover our costs if desired.


13.What happens if BuyIreland.com disappears?  

They are not planning to go anywhere and have been in operation every day since we were established in 2003, but in the unlikely event of us going out of business, you can be assured that your deed documents and certificate of ownership vest legal ownership of the property in you, and as such you will always have a legal right of ownership to the land. When we sell some of our land to you it is no longer considered one of our assets, and as such cannot be sold off by our creditors in this situation.


14. Does Ever Irish Gifts offer investment property for sale?

Buy a Piece of ireland is not aimed at people who are looking to invest in property in Ireland. Our product is unique, unusual and fun – while also being completely legal. We are happy for people to resell their land at any time, and for any amount they are offered, but we would propose that if you are seeking a property investment that you contact a real estate agent or broker who can advise you on the most suitable choices based on your individual circumstances.


15. Does owning this land entitle me to Irish citizenship?

In Ireland, ownership of property does not entitle the owner to automatic or accelerated citizenship rights.


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