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Abbeyhorn Drinking Horn with Pewter Accents

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Perfect for a Viking king—or the lord or lady of your manor—this stunning Abbeyhorn drinking horn features a gleaming hand-formed pewter rim and custom-made stand for quaffing in regal fashion.

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Product Features

Picture, if you will, a Viking king presiding over a banquet in the dining hall of his cavernous fortress. Preparing to toast his men's latest victory, he raises an ornate drinking horn, one very much like this genuine cow's-horn drinking horn by Abbeyhorn. This stunning drinking horn fit for a king is accented with gleaming hand-formed pewter around the rim and mounted on an attached custom-made stand, so the lord or lady of your manor can display or quaff from it in regal fashion. Crafted from natural cow's horn sourced ethically from renewable resources, this drinking horn has been polished to a lustrous, beautiful finish. Because these vessels are made from natural materials, no two pieces will ever be the same, and the colors you receive may vary from those pictured.

  • Crafted from genuine cow's horn from West Africa
  • Measures approximately 15" in length and holds approximately one pint of liquid
  • Rimmed with hand-formed pewter
  • Mounted on attached pewter stand
  • 100% safe for use with cold beverages only
  • To clean, hand wash in tepid water with very mild soap. Rub gently with a soft cloth and towel dry immediately
  • Each item is unique; colors may vary
  • Handcrafted by Abbeyhorn, Carnforth, Lancashire, UK
  • Imported from England
Did You Know? Drinking horns are known from classical antiquity, especially in Thrace and the Balkans, and were in use for ceremonial purposes throughout the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period in some parts of Europe, notably in Germanic Europe and the Caucasus. Drinking horns remain an important accessory in the culture of ritual toasting. 
About the Artists. Abbeyhorn, a family-owned business since its establishment in 1749, sources its raw products responsibly, thereby saving these majestic horns from meat industry landfills and turning them into captivating and functional products.
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