Black Dragon Crafts

On a green Welsh countryside, one will find Annie Wealleans designing and casting beautiful beads, which are intricately engraved with original Celtic knot patterns.  Annie is the personification of the ultimate craftsman.  Each of her pieces is meticulously handmade in her studio from designs she has created over the years.

View from the Black Dragon studio window


We had the pleasure of visiting her studio and thank god for the GPS.  The approach is a nerve wracking few dirt road miles from the main road, but it is sure worth the effort.  Originally, Annie had no running water or electricity.  Now, with a well and a satellite, she is "modern."  Her techniques, however, are historically artisan from melting the lead-free and nickle-free pewter ingots, to creating the molds, to polishing the beads, and finally hand-stringing the finished piece.  The amount of work required was mind boggling, but Annie wouldn't have it any other way.


We enjoyed a tour of her gardens where she grows much of what she eats (it is quite a trip to the local grocery store) and her studio is surrounded by dragon sculptures.  A truly special visit to gain a true appreciation of Black Dragon Crafts.



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