Wild Goose

Brian Scott-McCarthy and Kathleen Smyth founded the Wild Goose Studio in 1970 with a vision of awakening the imagination through a fusion of thought, feeling and image. Together with other leading Irish artists, they have created a unique range of artifacts which combine heritage with the contemporary. The Wild Goose Studio is based in the picturesque coastal town of Kinsale, Co. Cork, famous for its rich history and reputation for good food. All their work is handmade by skilled craft-workers and any variations in finish are part of its unique appeal. Each piece has a skin of pure metal – either bronze or cast iron – backed by a resin and ceramic core.


Co-Founder Brian Scott-McCarthy
Managing Director Jamie McCarthy-Fisher
Co-Founder Kathleen Smythe










Their extensive portfolio includes Celtic crosses, statues, sculptures and word plaques, inspired by myths, legends and history. The beautifully finished results are designed to speak to the heart and mind, appealing to those who seek meaning beyond the image. All Wild Goose pieces start off as an idea or an image and become a combination of the two, where the image illustrates the idea and the idea sheds light on the image.


Original stone carvings from which molds are made.


Wild Goose Managing Director Jamie McCarthy-Fisher is largely responsible for the ideas, while much of the Studio’s carving work is carried out by Adam Grabski who has been here since 2004. Adam discusses the idea for a new product with Jamie and they agree on a design which Adam might render graphically before carving it in one of a variety of materials, including stone, plaster or clay. From the original made by Adam, a silicon rubber mould is taken: this master mould precisely reproduces all the detail of the original and is used to make as many master pieces as are needed in turn to create further moulds for production purposes.

In their Kinsale Studio, which overlooks the picturesque town, a group of skilled craft artisans – Noreen, Adam, Paul, Marzena, and Margaret – work hard to maintain their high standards. And they all do it quite well.


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