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Beastia Beer Glass Collection

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The loyal Irish wolfhound. The powerful Welsh dragon. The royal Scottish lion. The cunning English boar. These four great beasts form the sand-etched Beastia Collection by Aqua Vitae Stemware. More

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Product Features

Fidelis—the loyal Irish wolfhound. Imperiosus—the powerful Welsh dragon. Optimus—the royal Scottish lion. Pugnasitus—the cunning English boar. These four great beasts, identified by their Latin names and representative characteristics, form the sand-etched Beastia Collection by Aqua Vitae Stemware. Etched by hand and featuring a brilliantly colored Swarovski crystal on each, this set of four beer glasses will bring out the animal, in the best possible way, in your man.

• Dog, dragon, lion, and boar images sand-etched by hand onto four beer glasses
• Features a genuine Swarovski crystal on each beast
• Measures 8" high
• Holds 16 ounces
• Made by Aqua Vitae Stemware 
• Imported from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery
Did You Know? The animals in the Beastia Collection were inspired by the myths and legends of the early Celts from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Similar images, rendered in vibrant colors and remarkable detail, can be found in the rich and complex artwork on illuminated medieval Christian manuscripts.
About the Artist. Contemporary Celtic artist Elizabeth Rae Armstrong is passionate about Celtic designs, which she attributes to her family roots in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. She is also passionate about glass, a temperamental and fragile artistic medium, due to her apprenticeship with a glass sculptor while in university. She has combined these two fascinations by establishing Aqua Vitae Stemware, a crystal company that deeply sand-etches Bohemian crystal wine, whiskey, and beer glasses, hand-engraving intricate Celtic designs onto each unique piece and enhancing them with a vividly colored Swarovski crystal.
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