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Superfine Lambswool Cape/Ruana - Blackberry Green

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This is actually a luxurious ruana although the picture is of a scarf. Look at the colors and you will know it is perfect to keep you warm on a crisp fall afternoon. More

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Product Features

If you're anything like us, sometimes you feel a little bit chilled. Maybe it's a cool summer evening or a crisp fall afternoon. Or maybe you work in an office where the temperature seems to be constantly set on "Arctic." If so, do what we do and reach for a superfine wool ruana woven by Kerry Woollen Mills in Ireland. They have recreated the colors of rich blackberries and green leaves for you in this warm, lightweight, and wonderfully super-soft wool scarf. So even if it can't actually be summer, you can still enjoy a luxurious taste of it. 

• Crafted from 85% lamb's wool and 15% nylon
• Colors include rich red as predominant base color with accents of blue and green
• Approximately 72" long and 54" wide
• One size fits all
• Dry-clean only
• Designed, woven, and manufactured by Kerry Woollen Mills
• Imported from Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland
Did You Know? The word "ruana" comes from a Spanish word meaning woolen garment. Although similar in concept to a cape, a ruana's front and back panels are of equal lengths, and the sleeves are not stitched together. This design allows the wearer to throw one, or both, panels over the opposite shoulder.
About the Artists. Kerry Woollen Mills, situated on the Ring of Kerry on Ireland's Atlantic coast, has been creating fabrics and yarn from fine wool for more than 300 years. One of the last surviving traditional woollen mills still manufacturing in the beautiful Kerry countryside, it is set in a rural location with many of the 300-year-old buildings still standing and functional. In 1904, the mill was bought by the Eadie family, and it continues under the fourth generation of family ownership today.
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