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Antique Irish Map - 1797 Beaufort Reproduction

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Imagine that the year is 1797. You are embarking on a journey throughout Ireland, and you need a reference to help you find your way. If you are carrying an Ireland map by Beaufort, you have an object of surpassing beauty. More

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Let's imagine, for a moment, that the year is 1797. You, dear reader, are embarking on a journey throughout the country of Ireland, and you need a reference to help you find your way. This being several centuries before the advent of the GPS, you make absolutely certain you have a map of the country safely tucked into your saddlebag. And if you are fortunate enough to be carrying an Ireland map designed by renowned 18th century master mapmaker Beaufort, you are in the possession of not just a directional aid but also an object of marvelous and surpassing beauty. This faithful reproduction of Beaufort's magnum opus, handmade by modern master Joe Kelly of Irish Routes, is a "dissected map," in which the printed map is cut into equal panels and then laid onto a sturdy cloth backing. The small gaps between the panels enable the map to fold and unfold neatly and flat, and no detail is lost along the fold line. The folded map slides easily into its custom-designed decorative marbled paper slipcase, but once your voyaging days are over, this handsome piece will have surely earned a place of honor on your wall.
  • Reproduction of an antique 1797 Ireland map by master mapmaker Beaufort
  • Folding map mounted onto cloth backing
  • Available in two sizes: small (approximately 20" by 16") and large (approximately 33" by 27")
  • Comes in decorative marbled paper slipcase
  • Suitable for framing, but frame not included
  • Made by Joe Kelly of Irish Routes
  • Imported from County Meath, Ireland


Did You Know? The "dissected map" construction technique is typical of the "traveling maps" produced in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. The slipcase afforded protection to the map so that it could be placed in a coat pocket, suitcase, or saddlebag, and the cloth backing made the map very durable.
About the Artist. Joe Kelly, the master artist behind Irish Routes, creates handmade reproduction antique maps from his studio in Piltown, Drogheda, Co. Meath, Ireland. Coincidentally, the Beaufort family lived near Navan, about 17 miles from Joe's home. A native of Co. Louth, Joe began making his reproduction antique maps approximately two years ago but has been collecting antique maps for many years. So, as is often the case, a hobby has evolved into a unique "cottage industry."
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