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Celtic Knot Pewter Wedding Cake Server

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There comes that moment in an Irish wedding reception when the bride and groom cut into their wedding cake and remove a slice to feed to one another. Make it special with a Celtic Knot Pewter cake server.

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Product Features

There comes that moment in most wedding receptions when the new husband and wife cut into their gorgeous confection of a wedding cake and remove a slice to feed to one another. Let your wedding gift of this stunning pewter wedding cake server, accented with a classic Celtic knotwork design and made in Ireland by the esteemed Mullingar Pewter Company, be the special utensil they reach for during that meaningful tradition.

• Crafted from genuine pewter composed of 95% tin with the balance made up of copper and antimony
• Guaranteed lead-free and safe for use with all food
• Adorned with a classic Celtic knotwork design
• Measures 10-1/2" long
• Made by Mullingar Pewter 
• Imported from Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland
Did You Know? The tradition of the wedding cake goes back to the Roman Empire. Couples feed each other a piece of wedding cake to symbolize the bride and groom's commitment to help, support, and provide for each other throughout their marriage.
About the Artists. The Irish men and women in Mullingar Pewter's workshop in County Westmeath, Ireland, create their extensive line of fine pewter gifts according to the highest standards and using traditional methods. The ancient craft of pewter making was revived by Mullingar Pewter in 1974. Their pieces are made by craftsmen specially trained to perform the old casting methods, meticulous assembly, and delicate hand finishing, skills that take years to acquire.
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