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Celtic Knotwork Pewter Tankard

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A genuine Irish pewter tankard is very impressive. Whether drinking an Irish beer or one of your other favorite beverages, one will appreciate the heftiness of the pewter tankard and skilled craftsmanship that went into making this must-have piece.

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Product Features

You can certainly consume a pint of Irish lager from any kind of glass, but imagine how much cooler—both literally and figuratively—it would be to quaff it from a chilled genuine pewter tankard. And when said tankard is adorned with a classic Celtic knotwork design, your beer-drinking experience is truly complete. Sláinte!

• Crafted from genuine pewter composed of 95% tin with the balance made up of copper and antimony
• Guaranteed lead-free and safe for use with all beverages
• Adorned with a classic Celtic knotwork design
• Measures 5" high
• Holds 18 ounces
• Made by Mullingar Pewter 
• Imported from Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland
Did You Know? The word "tankard" originally meant any wooden vessel and later came to mean a drinking vessel. The earliest tankards were made of wooden staves, similar to a barrel. A 2,000-year-old wooden tankard of approximately four-pint capacity has been unearthed in Wales.
About the Artists. The Irish men and women in Mullingar Pewter's workshop in County Westmeath, Ireland, create their extensive line of fine pewter gifts according to the highest standards and using traditional methods. The ancient craft of pewter making was revived by Mullingar Pewter in 1974. Their pieces are made by craftsmen specially trained to perform the old casting methods, meticulous assembly, and delicate hand finishing, skills that take years to acquire.
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