Country of Ireland Pendant with Heart

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Irish pride is a beautiful thing, connecting people to the country and often county of their family's origin. This handcrafted sterling silver country of Ireland pendant, hand etched with a heart, is a unique tribute to your Irish heritage.

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Product Features

Irish pride is a beautiful thing. It connects people of Irish heritage with the country—and often county—of their family's origin. What better way to share with the world your timeless and unbreakable bond to Ireland than with this stunning handcrafted sterling silver country, hand etched with a heart. of Ireland and counties of Ireland pendants? Exquisitely detailed by hand, this pendant invites you to wear your national pride close to your heart, and carry it with you, no matter where you happen to be.

  • Crafted in 925 sterling silver
  • Pendant measures approximately 1" in diameter
  • Hand etched with a heart in the middle. Personalized placement of the heart available
  • Hangs on 18" sterling silver chain
  • Packaged in a charming gift box covered in a map of Ireland or of that county
  • Handcrafted by Counties of Ireland Jewellery
  • Imported from County Sligo, Ireland
Did You Know? Ireland is divided into 32 counties, and these traditional counties have been in place since the early 17th century. In Ireland, the word "County" comes before rather than after the county name. Thus, one refers to "County Cork" as opposed to "Cork County."
About the Artists. Counties of Ireland Jewellery is the beautiful result of a collaboration between jewelry artist Soraya Ricalde and designer and custom art framer Marion Fink-Thews. From their studio in Grellagh, Castlegal, County Sligo, these two women lovingly craft finely detailed pendants depicting the country of Ireland and all 32 counties from genuine sterling silver. Visit the Counties of Ireland Jewellery page.
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